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1. Our salon close time will be changed From 7:30 to 7:00 p.m. during weekdays(Tuesday ~ Friday).


2 We will increase service price from September 1st around 10 ~ 20 %.

First we would like to thank all our valued customers/clients for utilizing our services. As all of you may know, many salons have increased their prices after the pandemic. Although these changes were made throughout many salons and other small businesses, our salon remained the same regarding prices for all services. This was mainly because we empathize with everyone and their hardships during the hard times we faced together.


Th end to this pandemic seems near, despite the new variants that should keep us still alert and careful. Due to inflation, the minimum wage increase and many other factors, we have also made the difficult decision to finally conform to the price increases in services. Starting 9/1, we will begin this increase from 10-20%. more detailed information will be available on our website and will be displayed at the front of our salon as well.


In addition, to support our employees and provide a dinner time to their schedule, our salon close time will change from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during weekdays, through Tuesday to Friday. Even with these changes, we will continue to do our best to make our customers/clients our priority and to deliver the best service. We thank everyone for your continuous understanding.


Lastly, the number of people over 18 years older vaccinated in New Jersey has unfortunately not reached 70% yet. As of July 21, 69.3%. Therefore, we will continue to mandate masks in our salon. We will also have a 2 week caution period depending on the recent spread of the 

Delta variant and if the numbers reach 70% for those vaccinated. Many have rejected our mask requirements, but for the many who supported us, we were able to get this far with the continuous opening of our salon and safety of all our employees and customers. We thank you all once again and we will not stop to do everything we can to keep everyone happy and safe.




We will close every Monday to sanitize our salon instead of 7-day opening.

These are our guidelines for our customer's safety.

* We will place Automatic Hand Sanitizer in front of our entrance door.


* We will check temperature using touch-lees thermometer to all staffs before getting in our salon and customers if applicable.


* According to recent study, wearing face mask is gold standard. Please wear face mask all times while you are getting our services even vaccinated. 


* We installed sneeze guard between our staffs and customers, customers and customers as well.


* We will wipe down all of contact points like tables, pedicure chairs, beds, drying table, handles right after each service with disinfectant.


* We always use, a hospital grade Autoclave and/or Ultra-sonic Cleaner to sterilize tools.


* According to recent study of many lab, UV light kills Corona virus. We used UV sterilizer for staff's tool. And we use germicidal light when you get gel manicures over 5 minutes on each hand. That may help you to protect from virus in accordance with recent study.


* We prepared personal private box to keep your own tools, like file and buffer, etc. We may charge fees to use your own private box if you want with reasonable price.


* We will update any further precautions which are helpful to protect our people.



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Franklin Nail & Spa

....is now under New Management
since 13th of March, 2019.

Our nail salon is conveniently located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey which is located in brand new Franklin Lakes Town Square and next door to Dunkin Donuts. 


We promise to provide our clients with high quality service that consists of hospital grade sterilization, client focus, and superior products. At our salon, cleanliness, client satisfaction and use of only high quality products are our priorities. For example, we use "Liner" for individual pedicure service and equipped powerful vacuum system for manicure. 

We are providing you with the cleanest and healthiest nail care, massage, waxing, eyelash extensions and facials environment. 

Our staffs at Franklin Nail and Spa welcome you to our salon. 

Our highly trained staffs are consistently trained, continuously updated in today's most advanced techniques of manicure, pedicure, massage and beauty care in the industry to meet your satisfaction.

We invites you, please enjoy yourself!

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