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4th Anniversary!

Dear Valued Customers of Franklin Nail and Spa,


We would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us in celebrating our 4th anniversary on March 12th. Your presence and support made our celebration all the ore meaningful and special.


At Franklin Nail and Spa, our mission has always been to provide exceptional services and create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere for our customers. It has been an incredible journey, and we are grateful for every moment that we have had the privilege of serving you.


Our team is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and care, and we are deeply grateful for your trust and confidence in us. We are excited to continue serving you in the years to come and look forward to creating many more memorable moments together.


Once again, we are humbled and grateful for the trust and loyalty you have shown us throughout these four years.


Warm regards,



Masks Recommended!

Our salon plans to change our mask mandate rules in compliance with the new CDC guidelines. Bergen and Passaic County reached "High" level of disease activities. Clients who have been fully vaccinated are now free to make the choice of whether to or not to wear masks.

But we highly recommend Wearing Masks. And our employees will continue to wear masks until further notice. Aside from masks, we will also continue the same safety protocols we have been utilizing since the very beginning of the outbreak.


It has been a long journey, and although the pandemic is not over yet, we acknowledge and find great joy in the recent steps we have been making to make things better and safe for everyone. We want to thanks all of you who have been of great support and trusting us to keep you safe when in our salon. There's still some more obstacles to overcome - let's stay strong and continue our efforts.


Thanks you!

January 3rd, 2023


Winter is Coming! 2

As mentioned in our last year's email, our circulation and ventilation systems are equipped to run effectively throughout the winter. Also we have and run Air Purifier equipped with HEPA filters. We acknowledge that many of our customers will find wearing masks at all times in our salon uncomfortable and an issue. Some have questioned the necessity of wearing masks that are not N95 as well. Studies have shown that even surgical masks show efficacy. Our employees, wo have only worn these surgical masks, serve as proof of this efficacy, as none have tested positive for Covid-19 since Day-1 of the pandemic.


It seems as though co-existence with this virus is inevitable just like the flu. Many countries like the UK, Israel and Singapore have enforced "With Corona" policies, but have failed to prevent a huge increase in spread of the virus. For example, if we look at Korea, which has reached 0ver 75% of all citizens who have received the second dose of the vaccine, we see that they are taking the steps to bring everything back to normal by February of nest year. However, the one thing they plan have been encouraging and continue to encourage is wearing masks.


For example another, positive cases have been climbing in Vermont in recent weeks despite the state's having one of the highest vaccination rates against the virus in the U.S. Cases in Vermont have increased by about 55% over the last 14 days. Some recent days have seen daily cases spike above 400 - the highest Vermont has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. The reasons are, Vermonters are also traveling more and hosting visitors, often taking part in indoor activities, more frequently that they would have at this time last year. They are also wearing masks less often. These behavioral changes have also contributed to the current situation.


Although it may be uncomfortable and difficult at times, we ask for your understanding when we mandate masks in our salon according to CDC's recommendation. Thank You!



To all our supporting friends and family, Ventilation is vital during these times, and Franklin Nail and Spa has been keeping the air conditioner on at all times in addition to leaving both front and back doors open to ensure safe conditions for our employees and guests. However, this will not be easy as winter is upon us. After CDC’s new guidelines posted regarding airborne transmission, there have many concerns regarding the matter of ventilation and we see that a secure ventilation system is needed more than ever.

As Koreans, we have been keeping up with Korea’s CDC guidelines as well, which have stated the importance of ventilation since MERS. And in 2015 New York Times reported nail salons workers were exposed to chemicals. After NY times report New York and New Jersey strengthened codes. In response, we have consistently utilized natural ventilation since our opening back in December of 2017. We want all of you to put your worries aside as we have been following all the guidelines, which have pushed businesses like ourselves to install better and more efficient ventilation systems. The systems we use have powerful fans and an increased amount of fans compared to the usual systems, and the ducts lead and connect all the way up to the rooftop to create its ventilation. Moreover, the layout and spacing of our salon consists of high ceilings to improve and support better ventilation as well. (in the last year's email)




We still require wearing masks according to CDC and NJ health official's recommendations!

Finally we have reached 70% of fully vaccinated people among those ages 18+ in the NJ community. It's an accomplishment that we have all made together. As we have previously announced, although we have reached those numbers, we will still have a two week term mandating precautions with the usage of PPE. However, the 2 week term can go on longer given the recent situation.

The Delta variant has created an uprise in issues lately, and the mask mandate has been rising all around due to the CDC's guidelines-even those fully vaccinated are recommended to wear masks.

Starting on the 28th, the NJ state health official has been persuading everyone to wear their masks.

We need to realize the severity of the new Delta variant and be cautious again for everyone's safety. There is nothing more important and precious than life itself and we should do everything we can to protect it. We will continue to mandate masks in our salon for these reasons. Let's all hang in there and be safe!

Thank you for all your efforts!



We will close every Monday to sanitize our salon.

These are our guidelines for our customer's safety.

* We will place Automatic Hand Sanitizer in front of our entrance door.


* According to recent study, wearing face mask is gold standard. Please wear face mask all times while you are getting our services even vaccinated. 


* We installed sneeze guard between our staffs and customers.


* We always use, a hospital grade Autoclave and/or Ultra-sonic Cleaner to sterilize tools.


* We will update any further precautions which are helpful to protect our people.



Thanks for submitting!


Franklin Nail & Spa now under New Management
since 13th of March, 2019.

Our nail salon is conveniently located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey which is located in brand new Franklin Lakes Town Square and next door to Dunkin Donuts. 


We promise to provide our clients with high quality service that consists of hospital grade sterilization, client focus, and superior products. At our salon, cleanliness, client satisfaction and use of only high quality products are our priorities. For example, we use "Liner" for individual pedicure service and equipped powerful vacuum system for manicure. 

We are providing you with the cleanest and healthiest nail care, massage, waxing, eyelash extensions and facials environment. 

Our staffs at Franklin Nail and Spa welcome you to our salon. 

Our highly trained staffs are consistently trained, continuously updated in today's most advanced techniques of manicure, pedicure, massage and beauty care in the industry to meet your satisfaction.

We invites you, please enjoy yourself!

Beautiful Lady

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